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Been in Maine for about a month and have eaten lobster rolls at this gem 3 times already! Enough said.

V. H.

The lobster roll here is amazing. Great prices. The fries are amazing.


Heidi Harkenrider

Oh man the lobster quesadilla is amazing...crispy, classy comfort food. Personable service and comfy chairs, too.

Caleb Wilson

Good lobster roll and hand cut fries.
8 minutes from order to eating.

Matt F

The staff made sure we were well taken care of and the food was excellent. Would definitely like to frequently go there.


Allen Oakes

Amazing lobster roll and hand cut fries I had today from here... I recommend everyone to try these guys out, you will be impressed

jaycoolman164 gaming

Owners are very friendly. Lobster is fresh and tastes awesome!!!

Margaret Hill

Just ate here for the first time. Friendly, fast service and great food!

Got a lobster roll whi h was delicious. Not overloaded and a great price for $14.

If you ever want french fries.. this is the place to go!!! Growing up near oob we called then "pier fries" and they are amazing fresh cut fried goodness!!!!

Mayghan Farrin

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